Useful Information

Telephone Numbers

Fire: 110
Police: 155
Ambulance: 112
Istanbul Tourism Police: 0212 528 53 69


Turkish currency is Turkish Lira
Banknotes: 5 TL - 10 TL - 20 TL - 50 TL - 100 TL - 200 TL
You may get more information about exchange rates.


Many people in Istanbul may speak moderate english which is enough to communicate and ask about your need.


220 V power system. Check your electric appliances before using them. Five star hotels may have converters.

Time Zone

Turkey's time zone is Eastern European Time GMT+2.


Traffic is running from the right. Be careful while crossing the street. Cars have the privilige.


Due to regulations smoking is not permitted in public places, flights, public transportation, malls, restaurants.

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Taksim Area Map