Why stay at Taksim?

Taksim is Istanbul's center of culture, entertainment, business, and shopping

The heart of the city beats nonstop right here.

Taksim has an important place in Istanbul's history. Istiklal Avenue, the most remarkable entertainment center of the city just runs through the heart of the Taksim. Taksim Square is the junction point for public transportation. Galata Tower, a 1,500 year old striking landmark by the Genoese rises up in Taksim's Galata quarters.

Cihangir and Tophane quarters, the homes to a multi-colored social and cultural life; Talimhane, the choice of hotels; Gümüssuyu with its touristic restaurants, cafes and patisseries; and Nisantasi, the fashion, shopping and style capital are among other remarkable gems in this wonderful crown.

Taksim is the core of the business

The Congress Valley that has been a host to the world's most important meetings and summits, is located just a few minutes' walk away from Taksim Square. Istanbul's congress and meeting point of today and the future, congress valley is the modern face of Taksim with an area of over 85.000 square meters. The area consists of 3 major centers which are Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Center, Rumeli Saloon and Hilton Exhibition and Convention Center.

Taksim is home to a several historical and cultural buildings

Among them are the historical building of Radio Istanbul, two campuses of Istanbul Technical University, Military Museum where Mehter, the military band of Ottoman Empire, performs regularly, Cemil Topuzlu Open-Air Theater, Muhsin Ertugrul Theater, Atatürk Cultural Center and Lütfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Hall. Theaters in Taksim also participate in the international cinema festivals and locals can watch these movies in the historical movie theaters here.

Different cultures and entertainment choices can go hand-in-hand in Taksim. Here, you can see that people from very diverse backgrounds can enjoy themselves all together. It is not something you can see in other cities in the world.

Taksim is the conjunction point of religions with its mosques, synagogues and churches

Here, every belief, every religion has been living in peace and harmony for ages. This is a place where a strong tolerance dominates every inch. Taksim is the heart that belongs to no one but also belongs to everyone.

Galatasaray High School, one of the oldest schools in Turkey, is just located on Istiklal Avenue. German, Italian, Austrian High Schools, Pierre Loti and also Greek Zografian High Schools are just breathing proofs of diverse cultures that had and have been living here.

Taksim is the host of foreign consulates

French Consulate General building is just at the beginning of Istiklal Avenue. German Consulate General building is among the most beautiful structures in Gümüssuyu. Belgium, Netherlands, Italian and Sweden consulate general buildings are also here and all come together to express the importance of Taksim.

World-famous Dolmabahçe Palace is just on the brink of Taksim. Inönü Sports Stadium, where many important FIFA and UEFA games were played and Akaretler, the fresh luxury shopping boulevard of the city are other centers of attractions for tourists.

Taksim is the center of the public transportation

Modern Istanbul Subway connects Taksim to the north and south of the city. Municipality buses and public minibuses carry people to Taksim from all over the city. If you need to reach to the sea fast, you can get on the “Füniküler” subway vehicle going to Kabatas or historical Tünel down to Karaköy. You can also use nostalgic streetcar when you want to go from one end of the avenue to the other. Yellow cabs and “dolmushes” are other options for transportation in Taksim. In brief, Taksim is the transportation paradise.

Modern art galleries, museums and Istanbul Modern Sanat Museum make Taksim a well known place for the global art circles.

Taksim is also the paradise for gourmets

Haci Abdullah, serving best dishes to its customers since 1888; Ayaspasha Russian Restaurant in Gümüssuyu; Rejans, the choice of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic; Changa in Siraselviler with its fusion cuisine; Nevizade Street with its meyhanes (pubs) and beerhouses; Leb-i Derya with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus and Topkapi Palace; Saray Muhallebicisi that has been offering classical Turkish desserts since 1935; Inci Pastanesi, famous with its profiterole; fast-food restaurants on the corner of Istiklal Avenue and Siraselviler are just a few of more than one thousand restaurants in Taksim.

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